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Theatres in Prague

National Theatre

National TheatreThe monumental National Theatre, on the banks of the Vltava River at the western end of Narodni Street, is the pride of the Czech nation. The entire Czech population funded the original construction of this neo-Renaissance structure, with its massive sculptured horses leaping and rearing over the parapet below its gold-topped dome. Just after completion in 1881, it suffered a disastrous fire and, again, the Czech nation funded its reconstruction, completed in 1883. The declaration, “From the Nation, To the Nation” displayed above the theatre stage, commemorates their pride and generosity. Architect Joseph Zitek designed the impressive edifice, and the interior artwork, sculptures and ornamentation are a veritable roll call of the Czech artists of the National Revival, all of whom donated their work. The standing repertoire includes classic Czech operas such as Bedrich Smetana’s The Bartered Bride, and Rusalka by Antonin Dvorak.

    Opera / ballet at National Theatre— from 30 euros / person


Prague State Opera

Prague State OperaThe neo-Renaissance Prague State Opera, constructed in 1888 by Viennese architects Ferdinand Fellner and Herman Hellmer, was originally built as a popular theatre for the large German-speaking population of Prague and, up to and including the Nazi occupation, its repertoire continued to cater to this audience. After the Second World War, the Czechs claimed it for themselves, and named it Smetana Theatre after the great composer and leading light of the Czech National Revival, Bedrich Smetana. With its spacious auditorium and neo-Rococo decoration, it is truly one of the grand opera houses of Europe. Its repertoire includes classical opera, works by leading and lesser-known European composers, and popular musicals.

    Opera at Prague State Opera — from 30 euros / person


Prague Estates Theatre

Théâtre des EtatsThe Estates Theatre, a splendid Neo-Classical gem built in 1783, was the work of the court architect, Antonin Haffenker. It received its appellation in 1797, when some of Prague’s powerful German nobles bought up several of the theatre loges, bequeathing them to their family estates. The gorgeous interior may look familiar to movie buffs; the Czech-born film director, Miloš Forman, used the theatre for his Oscar winning film, Amadeus. A fitting choice, as it was here, in 1787, that the great Viennese composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, conducted the premier of his opera, Don Giovanni. Mozart’s operas have remained the basis of the Estates Theatre repertoire to this day.

    Opera at Estates Theatre — from 30 euros / person


Laterna Magika

Laterna MagikaA favorite with theatre-goers of all ages, the long-running Laterna Magika combines ballet and modern dance, sound, light, pantomime and film projection to present a unique and engrossing theatre experience. The multimedia theatre troupe had its start almost fifty year ago; its first performance was at the EXPO 58 World Exhibition in Brussels. Among the plays staged by this popular troupe are The Magic Circus, Odyssey and Casanova.


    Performance at Laterna Magika — 25 euros / person


National Marionette Theatre

National Marionette TheatrePuppetry is one of the oldest traditional crafts in the Czech Lands. There are several museums dedicated to the craft and popular, yearly festivals featuring time-honored marionette characters first developed in the Middle Ages. Here in Prague, the National Marionette Theatre has been staging a unique version of the famous Mozart opera, Don Giovanni, since 1991. Performed in the original Italian, the clever stage sets faithfully recreate the 18th century atmosphere of the opera. The wonderfully fashioned marionettes, dressed in authentic period costumes, act out the classic scenes to the delight of spectators of all ages. Over the years, it has proved wildly popular with international visitors. As the saying goes, “If you haven’t seen this Don Giovanni, you haven’t been to Prague!”

    Performance "Don Giovanni" at National Marionette Theatre — 18 euros / person


Black Light Theatre

Black Light TheatreOn a basis of original idea of the Black Theatre, lays a synthesis of traditional Czech black theatre with musical, dance and a pantomime. Its performances are a mixture of fantastic and real. The world of charmed subjects is wakened up by actors in black tricot. The collective created in 1989 in a short time has managed to conquer the hearts of many Czech and foreign spectators, and to become one of the most popular of Prague theatres.



    Performance at Black Light Theatre — 18 euros / person


Black Light Theatre Black Light Theatre