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Events in Prague and Czech Republic


14th of February — Saint Valentine's Day
Saint Valentine's Day in PraguePrague is full of romance all year round, but this day the city overflows with love. The flower kiosks brim with bright blooms. Candle-lit tables in quaint 19th century cafes beckon the poetic soul. Cozy restaurants tempt lovers to enjoy a sensuous dining experience in quiet, intimate surroundings. Antique stores and fine boutiques hold intriguing gifts for that special someone. Saint Valentine’s Day in dreamy, magical Prague is an unforgettable gift of love.


17th of March — St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day in PragueCelebrate St. Patrick's Day in a city where, in typical Czech style, they have stretched this festive day into a week of celebrations. On a day when everyone becomes at least a little bit Irish, why not visit one of Prague's many Irish pubs. In a place where every bar boasts the "perfect pint" it won’t be hard to drink your fill of Guinness or whatever your poison may be. In a warm and friendly atmosphere why not gorge your senses on a plethora of traditional Irish songs and dances on offer. Don't worry about language barriers - after two or three pints you will easily start up a conversation with anyone! Even if that entails inventing your own form of sign language…
23rd - 31st of March — International Film Festival in Prague FEBIOFEST

International Film Festival in Prague FEBIOFEST

The FebioFest is not for those who make films but for those who simply love films. This is a film buff’s dream come true! For ten days the Slovansky Dum Multiplex showcases the finest independent films for discriminating filmgoers. There are 14 state-of-the-art theatres offering a wide choice of international films, special premieres and meetings with the directors. The concert halls resound with top-name jazz and rock groups from all over the world. Set in the heart of the city center, there are a host of fine restaurants, cafes and pubs where you and other avid film buffs can meet up, trade takes on the films and gather strength for the next round of screenings…


16th of March — Prague Easter
Spring is always a lovely time to visit Prague. As Easter nears, colorful, traditional Velikonoce markets spring up on the cobble-stoned squares of Prague. Traditional arts and crafts such as basketry and exquisite examples of the Slavic hand-painted eggs are on offer; there are delicious braided Easter breads and the Czech version of hot cross buns, Mazanec. The scents of white elder, forsythia and lilac mingle in the air. Put on your Easter bonnet and enjoy Prague as she shakes off her winter blues and welcomes Spring.


11th of May - 3rd of June — 60th International Music Festival - PRAGUE SPRING

International Music Festival Prague Spring 

Prague Spring has a long tradition and is renowned by music lovers the world over. Leading classical music ensembles and world-famous soloists consider it an honor to participate in this major cultural musical event. The city’s finest concert halls – the Municipal House, Rudolfinum and National Theatre – present select guest artists to the discriminating music lover during the popular “Prague Spring” Festival.



13th-14th of May — Prague International Marathon
Prague International MarathonCough up a small cash fee, about 15 euros, and you, too, can run in the prestigious and demanding Prague Marathon. At this annual event, you can pit yourself against some of the world’s top-ranked marathon runners. The air is filled with the scent of lavender and lilac; the swans are floating on the Vltava – so, if you must throw in the towel, there’s all that lovely scenery! Afterwards you can join the enthusiastic crowds at any of the several traditional Czech pubs along the route, where you can quench your thirst with a pint of famous Czech brew.



Prague's Blossoming Chestnuts

Prague's Blossoming ChestnutsNature herself gives this holiday to the visitors and the citizens of Prague. Although Prague is charming at any season of the year, in May the profusion of blossoming Chestnut trees become the main decoration of the streets. Take a spring stroll through the parks of Mala Strana or around lovely Kampa Island. No heart can remain indifferent to such beauty!




9th of June — the annual Harley Davidson Rally at Dzban Reservoir

The annual Harley Davidson Rally at Dzban ReservoirHuge motorbikes rumble through the streets. A burly, bearded, leather-jacketed crowd is gathering – it’s the Harley Davidson Rally – the holiday for wannabe Hell’s Angels or just your average motorcycle lover! Try out this season’s latest models; trade war stories of last year’s road trips and, perhaps, dust off the maps for next summer’s road adventure!




30th of June - 4th of July — 41th International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary

41th International Film Festival in Karlovy VaryEvery year, at the beginning of July, you can visit the International Film Festival that takes place in Karlový Vary. It is considered the pearl of cinema cultural life. On the day of the opening of the festival, the red carpet is rolled out at the Hotel Thermal, movie stars roll up in their limousines and the cinema halls fill with avid fans. This is Karlový Vary’s most vibrant event. The streets are buzzing with film talk being traded in practically every European language. This age-old European spa’s usual clientele may be elderly spa visitors here for “the cure”, but it’s the young who govern the city during the festival… A wide array of inexpensive hotels and apartments are available, as well as camping facilities for a minimal fee at the local stadium. You can buy a Festival Pass, which allows access to all festival films and other, exciting cultural events. Films, meetings with the actors and screenwriters, clubbing and discos in the evening – it’s a party atmosphere day and night!



12th of September - 2nd of October — Festival of Classical Music "Prague Autumn"

Festival of Classical Music Prague AutumnThe mastery and professionalism of the musicians participating in Prague Autumn is on equal footing with the Czech Republic’s other great musical event, Prague Spring. A few of the great talents who have graced the stage during Prague Autumn include Jurij Bashmet, the La Scala Opera House Orchestra, and the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra. A particular feature of the festival is the unique opportunity to visit the performances of opera arias and romances. Prague Autumn traditionally closes with the Concert for Cello by Dvorak.



Annual Exhibition "Erotica & Sex" at the Smichov National House

Annual Exhibition Erotica & Sex 

The sexual openness and tolerance of the Czechs is well known in Europe, but perhaps, this annual exhibition at the Smichov National House may shock the foreign visitor! Are you game? This event is fast-becoming a favorite attraction for many visitors. It’s hard to describe all the events and activities presented here – you really have to see this for yourself!




31st of October — Halloween

Halloween in Prague 

If you are interested in an unusual, slightly terrifying Halloween holiday, Old Prague is the place. Its mysterious, winding alleys are full of ghosts and macabre legends. Jack-o-Lanterns and gruesome monsters grin from every shop window, and phantoms are welcomed in every nightclub and disco.





Festival of new wine - Burtchak and Beaujolais

Festival of new wine - Burtchak and BeaujolaisFrance’s traditional new wine festival, put on by the vintners of Beaujolais, coincides with the Czech Republic’s new wine celebration for the Moravian Burcak. Joyful and heady, Burcak gives a kick to your village holiday! It takes six months for Burcak to turn into a noble wine that will delight the experts with its exquisite bouquet. But now, while its still a young wine, it’s like a ploughboy who doesn’t yet know his own strength – energetic and bubbling over with the fullness of life.





30th of November - 4th of December — 201th Anniversary of the 1805 Battle of Austerlitz - Historical Reenactment
201th Anniversary of the 1805 Battle of Austerlitz - Historical ReenactmentOnce a year, thousands of members of Military History clubs from all over Europe gather at a small Moravian town called Slavkov, to reenact the bloodiest battle of the 19th century – the Battle of Austerlitz. This year you have an exclusive opportunity to visit Slavkov and witness the 201th Jubilee of the battle. We will return to that fateful day 201 years ago to see the French once more achieve victory over the Russian and Austrian troops – this time, however, without spilling a drop of blood! After this stirring performance, there will be plenty of beer flowing for the pleasure of the victors, the vanquished and the visitors…


5th of December — St Nicolas Day
On this special evening, a merry trinity – St Nicolas, the Devil and the Angel – walks the streets of Prague, knocking on doors and visiting city squares to inquire if the little citizens of the city have been good this year… Depending on the answer, the child either receives a reward of sweets and fruit, or a lump of coal. St Nicolas Day
24th, 25th 26th of December — Catholic Christmas
Catholic Christmas Christmas in Prague is the most cheerful and beautiful holiday of the year. Snowy chignons cap the statues on Charles Bridge. Merry carols fill the air. The ancient traditions unfold. Each quarter boasts an elegantly decorated Christmas tree. The locals fast all day in hopes of seeing a vision of the Golden Pig (which ensures luck for the coming year). The traditional Czech Christmas dinner is served, with fried carp as the main dish. And afterwards? Perhaps, a visit to the ancient Gothic Cathedral of Saint Vitus for Midnight Mass…
31st of December — New Year's Eve
Christmas is traditionally a family affair, but New Year’s Eve is an occasion for impetuous fun and the joyful company of friends. The festivities on the streets, in nightclubs and discos pause at midnight for spectacular firework displays throughout the city, and then continue till dawn. New Year's Eve