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Luxurious restaurants in Prague

Restaurant «Flambée»

Restaurant FlambeéRestaurant Flambée is known among business people, government cabinets, royal courts worldwide and Hollywood VIP lounges. Baron Rothschild, H.D. Gentscher, Madeleine Albright, Michael Jackson, Ornela Mutti, Tom Cruise, Chuck Norris, Nicole Kidman, the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd represent just a few of a large number of outstanding personalities and VIPs throughout the world who have taken the opportunity to enjoy pleasant moments at Flambée when visiting Prague. In a cellar dating back to the 11th century, enjoy this culinary gem’s elegant and exclusive atmosphere. You can expect culinary art that reaches high standards in every respect. The ordinary creations and exquisite combinations, delicious wines and impeccable service will turn your visit into a gourmet feast for all the senses. The chief-cook of the restaurant, Mr. Dušan Jakubec – is the captain of the Assembly of Cooks & Culinary of the Czech Republic. The harmonious accord between the Late Romanesque architecture and the modern, but functional, is a solution design that was rewarded in 1994 with an International Interior Prize.


    Average price of dinner (3 course menu, drinks not included) — 35 euros / person


Restaurant «La Perle de Prague»

Restaurant La Perle de PragueThe building of the restaurant “La Perle de Prague” has been recognized by “Time” magazine as the best design project of 1996. This is the famous “Dancing house”. Its daring, curvy outlines led its architects, Vlado Milunc and the American Frank O. Gehry, to initially name it “Ginger & Fred”, after the legendary dancing duo. Their graceful movements on the dance floor inspired to such a creation. Everything in this building is following a similar style: highlighted by the exciting look of the unique interior design. It’s possible to tell the same about the French restaurant located in exquisite spaces on the 7th floor of The Dancing House. A fantastic view of Prague Castle & a panoramic view of the city can be seen from the restaurant’s windows. Apart of this, the Parisian-style haute cuisine is known as one of the best in Prague. During the summer you can have lunch or just order a cup of coffee in its beautiful terrace.


    Average price of dinner (3 course menu, drinks not included) — 35 euros / person


Restaurant «Palffy Palace»

Restaurant Palffy PalaceThe faded elegance of an 18th century palace, the interiors of a baroque palace with breathtaking views on the terraces of Prague gardens, the “Palffy Palac” has maintained the reputation of one of the best French restaurants of the city. Tall chandeliers, fresh flowers on the tables, calming classical music – all this creates a special celebratory atmosphere. Furthermore, the exquisite cuisine & rich collection of fine wines, makes this place very popular among real connoisseurs of food and drink.


    Average price of dinner (3 course menu, drinks not included) — 35 euros / person


Restaurant «U Zlate Studne»

Restaurant U Zlate StudneA quiet, narrow side streets leads to a charming courtyard and building with a history going back to the 14th century. A short lift ride carries you to a 4th floor restaurant “U Zlate Studne” which is situated in a unique place, above the picturesque terraces of the Royal Gardens with a spectacular panoramic view. Prague is at your feet here as an intricate patchwork of terra cotta roofs gives way to the hundred spires of the Old Town. This place has been popular since 19th century among the real lovers of good food & today it maintains this reputation offering superb dining, French & International cuisine, an excellent selection of wines & an exceptional atmosphere. During the summer time, don’t miss the opportunity to have a rest with a cup of coffee or a refreshing drink its beautiful terraces.


    Average price of dinner (3 course menu, drinks not included) — 35 euros / person


Restaurant «Bistrot de Marlčne»

Restaurant Bistrot de MarlčneThe French cuisine served here is full of fantasy & real poetic invention. Even though the laws of culinary art are not written anywhere & not passed by any parliament, they are strictly followed out of respect of the merits of their creators – the French. Madam Marlene – the owner of this restaurant is considered to be one of the leading experts of French gastronomy in Prague. The authentic country cuisine served here maintains a fresh and witty approach to the traditional recipes. Moreover, with extraordinarily high standards of produce, combined with a stylistic elegant interior design and an endearing atmosphere, ensures a great deal of attention. Quite often Mme Marlene is in the kitchen creating something new & extraordinary to refresh gustatory palette of traditional dishes…


    Average price of dinner (3 course menu, drinks not included) — 35 euros / person


Restaurant «Rhapsody»

Restaurant RhapsodyAs the name suggests, music is an integral part of an evening in this tastefully appointed restaurant. The visit to this place is not only the opportunity to taste the delicious dishes of French & Lebanese cuisine but also to enjoy the live piano music together with favorite & forgotten melodies. The owner of the restaurant, Mr. Yves, will play the piano especially for you on this evening. A welcoming & stylish place to spend a leisurely evening or to round off a night. More proof of the high musical & culinary skills of this restaurant is that Karel Gott, the Czech nightingale, is a regular customer of “Rhapsody”.


    Average price of dinner (3 course menu, drinks not included) — 35 euros / person


Restaurant «Hergetova Cihelna»

Restaurant Hergetova CihelnaThis is the last from three restaurants, opened in Prague by the famous Norwegian restaurateur & businessman Mr. Nils Jebens. The historic surroundings of this former brick factory have been given a new lease of life with interesting design solutions of the interiors. A funky bar, high quality service, the exquisite cuisine & an open terrace offering breathtaking view of the Charles Bridge, make your visit a delightful evening & dining experience.



    Average price of dinner (3 course menu, drinks not included) — 35 euros / person


Restaurant «U Prince»

Restaurant U PrinceThe Old Town Square – the U Prince Hotel. Ride the elevator all the way up, and you find yourself on the roof of a very old building, the open terrace of the popular restaurant At the Prince… Below you, the terracotta tiled roofs of the Old City, a stunning view of Old Town Square and the famous Astronomical Clock. U Prince prepares wonderful dishes here, we recommend you order the salmon with a glass of their fine white wine.



    Average price of dinner (3 course menu, drinks not included) — 30 euros / person


Restaurant «U Tri Houslicek»

Restaurant U Tri HouslicekThe building “At the Three Violins” acquired its house sign when it was the home of a family of violinists around 1700. Four centuries ago, the great master Tomas Edlinger was making his musical instruments here. Today, it hosts an elegant & cozy restaurant with wide-ranging menu offering dishes from Czech & International cuisine. Classical music, romantic atmosphere & a friendly service makes this a comfortable place to enjoy the beautiful evening for two. The hospitable owner of the restaurant, Mr. Plzak will personally take care of the choice of your wine!


    Average price of dinner (3 course menu, drinks not included) — 20 euros / person