A Children-Friendly Vacation


PragueDay 1

On your arrival at Prague airport, meeting with your individual guide and transfer to your hotel.
"Magic Prague" — our first walk around the city
Magic PragueDuring our first walk, we will view the Golden Gates of Saint Vitus Cathedral and the massive statues of heroic princes and wise kings. We will visit medieval houses, decorated with the unique, ancient guild signs of shoemakers and tailors, and hear enchanting legends and stories relating the very foundation of Prague, this most beautiful of European cities. We will discover aspects of bygone days that have survived the bustle of modern life. Look – there goes a Chimney Sweep in his white cap and black suit, off to climb the high red-tiled roofs of the city. If you touch a Chimney Sweep, it brings you happiness and ensures that you will one day return to Prague.
Lunch in one of typical Czech restaurants
Performance at Black Light Theatre *
Black Light TheatreOn a basis of original idea of the Black Theatre, lays a synthesis of traditional Czech black theatre with musical, dance and a pantomime. Its performances are a mixture of fantastic and real. The world of charmed subjects is wakened up by actors in black tricot. The collective created in 1989 in a short time has managed to conquer the hearts of many Czech and foreign spectators, and to become one of the most popular of Prague theatres.
Dinner at the hotel.

Prague — Karlštejn — Koneprusy cavesDay 2

Breakfast at your hotel.
Excursion to the royal castle Karlštejn
The royal castle KarlštejnIn 1355, the Czech king, Charles IV, was enthroned as Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. His coronation was a seminal event in the history of the Czech Lands, and forever changed the destiny of Prague. Under the dictates of Charles IV, the provincial city was transformed into the resplendent capitol of Europe, and held the title for the next quarter century. Yet, despite Prague’s rise in stature, the Emperor thought it unwise to store the empire’s vast treasure trove within its confines. Summoning the realm’s most-acclaimed architect, Matthias of Arras, Charles had him design the majestic Karlstejn to house the empire’s riches. The citadel’s forbidding site, with its lofty and secluded air, soon became a mirror of its owner – the reclusive Emperor practically abandoned Prague for the private world of Karlstejn. Renovations have restored its regal, inviolate atmosphere, and today Karlstejn remains, as it has for centuries, the Empire’s treasure chest, as well as a storehouse for priceless Christian’s relics, Czech royal regalia and the state archives.
Lunch in one of Czech restaurants
Excursion — "Koneprusy caves"
Koneprusy cavessKoneprusy cavesA fascinating journey awaits you. This outing focuses on the ancient geological history of the Czech Lands – the 400 million year-old Koneprusy Cave System. We are off on an exciting adventure to the center of the earth! The caves have 3 entrance levels; they run 70 meters under the ground and are over 2 kilometers long. As we follow the paths, we uncover the secrets of our earth, pause to learn of past archeological finds and the fossils of the various creatures that have called these caves home over these millions of years. As we pass through the vaulting cave chambers, astonishing formations of stalagmites and stalactites greet our eyes. Their beautiful, otherworldly shapes stir the imagination. Many of them have been given fanciful names, such as “The Swan" and "The Body" and the breathtaking "Eternal Aspiration" – how many can you pick out?
Dinner at the hotel

PragueDay 3

Breakfast at the hotel.
Excursion to the Prague Zoo
The Prague ZooToday we will cruise by boat along the Vltava River to the Prague Zoo. Located in the lovely green hills of Troja, the Prague Zoo is a spacious collection of exotic animals in natural environments. Extensively renovated after the disastrous Prague flood of 2002, the Zoo includes a wonderful Bird House and Monkey World, and very little of the cages which prove such a disappointment of many zoos. Much of the funding for the renovations came from the citizens, and it is their pride. A pleasurable nature jaunt for adults and children alike.
Lunch in the city
Evening walking tour "Prague ghosts"
Prague ghostsPerhaps it is the mysterious play of light and shadow on the city's "hundred spires"; or the multitude of conquering invaders and strange deaths during its 1200-year history; that gave rise to the numerous ghost stories of Prague. Let‘s unravel the untold past of the Czech capital with a walk around night Prague. It's easy to lose the sense of real time in the gleam of yellow lanterns & to believe in the existence of creatures form the other world – ghosts. Let's listen to their stories & maybe if we have luck we will meet some of them! Perhaps you'll find the inhabitants you never see, a roving assembly of phantoms that includes priests, kings, commoners and a famous 20th century novelist, to be the most intriguing. There are those that bestow upon Prague the dubious distinction of being the most haunted city in Europe. Whether that is true or not, we dare you to find out!
Transfer to the hotel.
Dinner at the hotel.

Prague — Liberec — PragueDay 4

Breakfast at your hotel.
Full day trip to the Liberec Aquaparc
Liberec AquaparcThe northeastern city of Liberec boasts the Czech Republic’s largest and most entertaining Water Works complex with numerous attractions. Several swimming pools entice with their circulating and swirling waters; there are toboggan rides and slides; relaxation salons with water massages; an aquarium and romantic, underwater caves complete with piped-in music. The full day trip to Liberec Aquaparc is a refreshing and enjoyable experience for children and adults, chock full of water sports, games, amusements and refreshments.


Lunch in Liberec
Return to Prague
Dinner at the hotel.

PragueDay 5

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer start of excursion.
Walking tour "The ancient fortress of Vyšehrad"

The ancient fortress of VyšehradVyšehrad, the ancient fortress high on a bluff above the Vltava River, has a distinct aura of mystery surrounding it. It is the stuff of fairy tales, grand opera and myth, and although its stone foundations are real enough, its historical roots lie shrouded in the mists of time. The oldest chronicles tell us that here on this bluff the legendary Czech princess Libuše founded the city and declared it would be called “Prague” – from the Czech word, prah for “threshold”. Libuše was also a prophetess, and she predicted a great glory for the city that would “reach to the stars…” The ancient chronicles further tell us that early in the 12th century the residence of the Czech kings was transferred from Prague Castle to the ancient citadel of Vysehrad – but no one really knows why. We will travel back in time along the high bluffs of Vyšehrad, following its thousand year-old ramparts and crumbling red brick walls. As we explore the ruins of its palaces and stone wells and eerie caves, perhaps the stones will reveal to us their secrets…

Lunch in one of Czech restaurants in the city

Bowling Party & Disco
A Children-Friendly VacationWe begin the evening at one of Prague’s slick new bowling alleys. We’ll warm up a little bit and then have a real tourney, complete with prizes for the champion bowlers! Afterwards, it’s time to dance the night away at one of Prague’s rocking discos! Here in Prague’s vibrant city center, you can boogie to the sounds of international DJs, and trade travel tales with fascinating, fun-loving guys and gals from all over the world. A great way to meet people and shake your bootie at the same time!
Transfer to the hotel.
Dinner at the hotel.

PragueDay 6

Breakfast at your hotel.
Transfer to the airport with your guide, departure.

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