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Beer Prague Tour

Czech BeerCzech beers are famous the world over, but nowhere are they drunk with more relish than in Prague’s old, traditional-style pubs. Czechs are justly proud of their beer, and well-versed in the finer points of beer drinking. Perhaps you have had bottled beer or popped a beer can elsewhere –our Beer Tour will convince you that you have not tasted beer until you have tasted Czech beer! Czechs are as serious about their beer and the brewing of it, as they are of their hockey team. We may have lost the last World Hockey Championship, but we remain the World Champion Beer Drinkers! Our annual per capita consumption tops the list at 161 liters per person. Czech hops, the key ingredient in beer, have been renowned for centuries as the finest grown anywhere. Many of our local breweries date back to medieval times. Although our brewing techniques are imitated the world over, no one makes beer like Czechs make beer. To paraphrase an old Czech saying: “Bread is the staff of life, and Czech beer is liquid bread.” Taste testing, a tour of traditional pubs and breweries – Our Beer Prague Tour will turn you into a connoisseur in no time!


Type of the tour: for individuals & groups

Duration: 6 days / 5 nights

(6 days / 5 nights)
Price of the package (accommodation in DBL / with breakfast) Price of the package (accommodation in SNGL / with breakfast)
Group (min. 20 persons) 225 euros / person 255 euros / person
Group (min. 10 persons) 249 euros / person 279 euros / person
Individuals (min. 2 persons) 390 euros / person 420 euros / person