Travel agency Sibkraft (Prague, Czech republic)

About us


Hi, my name is Olga


I live in Prague and work with my friends at the “Sibkraft” Travel Agency. I handle administrative tasks as well as working with individual tourists and tour groups. I’m glad that more and more people from all over the world are coming to Prague to experience this amazing city. I enjoy helping them have a memorable stay. What I like most about my job is dealing with different professionals about our tour needs, working with my business partners and personal interaction with travelers. I can ease your travel contacts, as I have an excellent command of English, French and Czech. I am glad to help you with your travel needs and make your Prague stay pleasant and fulfilling.



Hi, I’m Serge


In our agency I initiate new projects and products, and develop them for the travel market. I am responsible for the company’s image, its individuality and creative offerings. I explore possibilities for imaginative packages, and look for opportunities to realize new concepts in travel. I speak fluent English, French, German and Czech.




Hello, my name is Konstantin


I am responsible for maintaining the daily personal contact with our travel customers during their stay in the Czech Republic. I get to see the results of the agency’s work, and I am able to analyze its quality and quickly react to any necessary details or changes in plans. We serve the wishes of our travel customers, and we base improvements in our offerings on the customer’s valuable feedback. I speak fluently English and Czech.