Romantic Prague


PragueDay 1

On your arrival at Prague airport, meeting with your individual guide and transfer to your hotel.
"Prague by night" — an evening walk around Prague.
Prague by nightWe’ll go for a leisurely walk around the city, find a table in one of Prague’s cafes, and enjoy a cup of aromatic espresso. This is a time to relax, gaze at the passers-by and take in the subtle perfume of the city. For now, let’s not bother ourselves with historical names and dates; there will be plenty of time and opportunity for this later. Let’s turn aside from the usual, crowded tourist route, and encounter a completely other Prague – the cobbled back streets imbued with medieval romanticism, where each house has its own haunting legend and intriguing story…
Dinner in the restaurant "Hergetova Cihelna"
The restaurant Hergetova CihelnaThis is the last from three restaurants, opened in Prague by the famous Norwegian restaurateur and businessman Mr. Nilson Ebens. The historic surroundings of this former brick factory have been given a new lease of life with interesting design solutions of the interiors. A funky bar, high quality service, the exquisite cuisine and open terrace offering breathtaking view of the Charles Bridge, make from your visit a delightful evening and dining experience.

PragueDay 2

Breakfast at your hotel. Transfer to start of excursion.
Excursion "Old Town and Jewish Quarter"

Old Town and Jewish QuarterFor over 600 years a strange spectacle has unfolded at five minutes to the hour, every hour, high above Prague’s Old Town Square. The monumental Astrological Clock on Old Town Hall’s façade springs to life: a parade of the 12 Apostles creaks by, grossly stereotypical adversaries of the Holy Roman Empire such as the Jewish moneylender and the fearsome Turk pop out of other windows; a skeleton ominously shakes his hourglass, reminding of Death and the Plague. Many legends surround this monstrously beautiful timepiece, including the dire prediction that, should the clock ever stop, the ghosts of the 27 Czech nobles, beheaded here on the square in 1620, shall rise up in that instance, and demand an explanation!

Old Town and Jewish QuarterHowever, as legends go, the most fabulous occur just two hundred meters from Old Town Square. When we enter Josefov, the oldest and most-storied Jewish quarter in all Europe, we enter another time – literally! The hands on the Hebrew Clock on the sixteenth century Jewish Town Hall run counter-clockwise, just as the poet Apollinaire claimed. Many of the Jewish Quarter’s legends revolve around the renowned scholar and companion of Rudolf II, Rabbi Low. In one of Prague’s most enduring legends, Rabbi Low appears as a powerful alchemist who creates the notorious creature, The Golem, to protect the Jewish Quarter against the world’s evil forces

Dinner in the restaurant "Palffy Palac"
The restaurant Palffy PalacThe faded elegance of an 18th century palace, the interiors of a baroque palace with breathtaking views on the terraces of Prague gardens, the “Palffy Palac” has maintained the reputation of one of the best French restaurants of the city. Tall chandeliers, fresh flowers on the tables, calming classical music – all this creates a special celebratory atmosphere. Furthermore, the exquisite cuisine and rich collection of fine wines, makes this place very popular among real connoisseurs of food and drink.

PragueDay 3

Breakfast at your hotel.
Join our included half day excursion "Little Quarter and Charles Bridge"
Little Quarter and Charles BridgeIn the Middle Ages, when numbered addresses were unheard of, the citizens of Prague often distinguished their residences with house signs. Many of these fanciful signs, usually over the main entrance door to a medieval house, still exist and are in use. So on this outing we may find ourselves “At the Black Eagle”; we may meet “At the Gold Star" or "At the Bowl". As we follow the winding streets of the Little Quarter, we will seek out some of the more outstanding examples of Prague’s house signs, and learn about the fascinating history of these houses. We will take the road less traveled by tourists, the twisting back streets that reveal some of the Little Quarter’s secret treasures. Hidden behind the high, thick walls and grillwork of aristocratic palaces lie magnificent gardens. Down a dim alley are age-old canals, dripping with greenery, where aged water mills still rhythmically turn in the shadows. We finish the tour at this magical city’s most enduring image: the majestic Charles Bridge, with its massive Baroque statues disposed the entire length. Construction on the bridge began at precisely 5:31 AM, the 9th of July 1357 – the date had not been chosen at random. Astrologers of the time decided on this numerical combination in order to ensure the stones would hold and the bridge would enjoy a long life. Since its completion almost 600 years ago, this magnificent structure has withstood the ravages of time, war and floods. Medieval astrologers would not have been surprised.
Dinner in the restaurant "U Tri Houslicek"
The restaurant U Tri HouslicekThe building “At the Three Violins” acquired its house sign when it was the home of a family of violin around 1700. Four centuries ago the great master Tomas Edlinger had been creating his musical instruments here. Today, it hosts an elegant and cozy restaurant with wide-ranging menu offering the dishes from Czech and International cuisine. Classical music, romantic atmosphere and friendly service make this a comfortable place to enjoy the beautiful evening for two. The hospitable owner of the restaurant, Mr. Plzak will personally take care of the choice of your wine!

PragueDay 4

Breakfast at the hotel.
Free time to further explore at your own pace.
Lunch in the restaurant "U Prince"
The restaurant U PrinceThe Old Town Square – the U Prince Hotel. Ride the elevator all the way up, and you find yourself on the roof of a very old building, the open terrace of the popular restaurant At the Prince… Below you, the terracotta tiled roofs of the Old City, a stunning view of Old Town Square and the famous Astronomical Clock. U Prince prepares wonderful dishes here; we recommend you order the salmon with a glass of their fine white wine.
Concert of classical music *
Romantic Prague TourThe evening shadows are drawing down; the ancient temples and palaces are opening their doors, enticing music lovers to the classical concerts within. Even the uninitiated will be enthralled by the sophisticated harmonies – as Prague herself aids the willing listener. Look around – she resounds with the transcendental music of her architecture. In her soaring spires and Baroque embellishments you, too, can hear the sources that inspired the genius of Vivaldi and Mozart. Make sure you pack your evening dress – as tonight, it especially suits you…

Prague — Ceský KrumlovDay 5

Breakfast at the hotel. Full day excursion to Ceský Krumlov.
Excursion to Ceský Krumlov
Ceský KrumlovIn South Bohemia, at a serpentine bend in the Vltava River, lies the quaint town of Cesky Krumlov. Its original medieval owners, the powerful Rožmberks called it the "City of the Red Rose" after their family crest. Later the city became the property of the Schwarzenberg aristocracy. The huge castle dominates the town’s center, looming over red-tile roofs and the labyrinthine, cobble-stoned streets. The castle offers a wealth of architectural details and 15th century treasures. Picture-postcard houses crowd the hills and the banks of the river that snakes through the heart of the city. Through a courtyard, we find the museum dedicated to Cesky Krumlov’s most famous homeboy, the early 20th century painter, Egon Schiele. In a medieval cellar tavern the servers dress in period costumes. The Germans called the town “Krumme Aue” or “the crooked meadow” – following the twists and turns of its little streets and stone bridges, we understand why. The undulating curves of the Vltava only serve to enhance the city’s appeal. And the curves don’t stop at the river. If it appears to your eye that many of the houses have distinctly odd outlines, well, they do! Medieval builders, who were blissfully unaware of the existence of right angles, constructed many of them.
Dinner in the French café "Flambée"
The French café FlambéeEnjoy pleasant moments at Flambée café when visiting Prague. You can expect culinary art that reaches high standards in every respect together with exclusive atmosphere of this place. The ordinary creations and exquisite combinations, delicious wines and impeccable service will turn your visit into a gourmet feast for all the senses. The harmonious accord of modern elegant leather armchairs and pleasant color combinations is a good solution design that perfectly fits the Late Romanesque architecture of an old building in the real heart of Prague!

PragueDay 6

Breakfast at your hotel.
Walking Tour "Prague Gardens" *
Prague GardensBehind the high stone walls of Prague Castle are one of the Little Quarter’s finest treasures, and the pride of Prague – the Royal Gardens. Although just off the crowded tourist pathways, the gardens remain a world apart. To encounter them is to enter a timeless world of emerald silence. Since the Baroque epoch Europe’s finest sculptors, landscapers and architects have had a hand in creating the horticultural delights, cultivated lawns and splashing fountains which greet our eyes. The Royal Gardens are a soothing break from the hectic city noise, always alive with the changing seasons and immaculately kept up. The artistic expressiveness of the Royal Gardens is a verdant symphony.
Dinner in the French restaurant "Bistrot de Marlène"
The French restaurant Bistrot de MarlèneThe French cuisine served here is full of fantasy and real poetic invention. Even though the laws of culinary art are not written anywhere and not passed by any parliament, they are strictly followed out of respect of the merits of their creators – the French. Madam Marlene – the owner of this restaurant is considered to be one of the leading experts of French gastronomy in Prague. The authentic country cuisine served here maintains a fresh and witty approach to the traditional recipes. Moreover, with extraordinarily high standards of produce, combined with a stylistic elegant interior design and an endearing atmosphere, ensures a great deal of attention. Quite often Mme Marlene is in the kitchen creating something new and extraordinary to refresh gustatory palette of traditional dishes…

PragueDay 7

Breakfast at your hotel. Free time to relax.
Lunch in the historical café "Slavia"
The historical café SlaviaAn amazing view of Prague Castle & the National Theatre is opened from the windows of the café “Slavia”. In time of the 1st Republic it was bustling with Prague’s intellectuals, artists, students and dissidents. The symbol of the café became the painting of the “Absinth Drinker” by famous Viktor Oliva. A nude, transparent woman of green-poisonous color is declining above the last visitor of the café; this is his Muse tissued from the alcohol vapors and poetic images. Would you like to see her as well? Order two shots of absinthe and she will come to you…
Opera Evening at Estates Theatre
Estates TheatreThe Estates Theatre, a splendid Neo-Classical gem built in 1783, was the work of the court architect, Antonin Haffenker. It received its appellation in 1797, when some of Prague’s powerful German nobles bought up several of the theatre loges, bequeathing them to their family estates. The gorgeous interior may look familiar to movie buffs; the Czech-born film director, Miloš Forman, used the theatre for his Oscar winning film, Amadeus. A fitting choice, as it was here, in 1787, that the great Viennese composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, conducted the premier of his opera, Don Giovanni. Mozart’s operas have remained the basis of the Estates Theatre repertoire to this day.

PragueDay 8

Breakfast at your hotel. Free time to relax.
Transfer to the airport with your guide, departure.

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